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LG Smartphones LOCA Tempered Glass

9H, Explosion-Proof, Bubble Free, HD Anti-Glare, AGC Glass, Crystal Clear.
RM 30.00 incl GST

LG G4 Premium Leather Quick Circle Case

LG G4 Premium Leather Quick Circle Case, genuine leather.
RM 69.00 incl GST

Genuine LG 5V 1.8A USB Travel Wall Charger + Micro USB Cable

Original LG USB Cable suitable for LG G2, LG G3, LG G4, LG Nexus 5, LG Nexus 5X..
RM 69.00 incl GST

LG QuadBeat 3 Premium Earphone - Original

LG QuadBeat 3 Premium Earphone! Original product by LG.
RM 99.00 incl GST

LG G4 Genuine Leather Back Cover for the LG G4 (CPR-110)

Original/Official LG G4 Stylish Genuine Leather Back Cover with NFC function!
RM 139.00 incl GST

LG G4 Original Battery

LG G4 Battery (2900 mAh).
RM 149.00 incl GST


PRE-OWNED SETS! with 1 month warranty.. LG G3 (3GB RAM,32GB ROM)- RM599 NEXUS 5X (2GB RAM,32GB ROM)-RM699 LG G4 (3GB RAM,32GB ROM)- RM799
RM 599.00 incl GST

LG X POWER 4000 mAh batt - Original by LG Malaysia

RM 999.00 incl GST
RM 639.00 incl GST

LG Stylus 2 Plus - Original by LG Malaysia

RM 1299.00 incl GST
RM 839.00 incl GST

LG 360 VR for LG G5

Key Features : - Compact And Portable,Easy Control Enjoy With 360 Contents
RM 999.00 incl GST

LG G Watch Urbane (W150) Latest by LG! Ready Stock!

Latest LG Watch Urbane- W150, Ready Stock ! Compatible with andriod 4.3 or higher.
RM 999.00 incl GST

LG 360 CAM (LGR105) for LG G5

Key Features :- Compact Spherical Camera,Dual Wide Angle,2K Video Support,5.1ch Audio Recording.
RM 1099.00 incl GST