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Xiaomi Rainbow 5 AA Batteries (10 pcs)

Xiaomi has released a new product in its line — colorful batteries Mi Rainbow together with the company ZMI. Typically, users do not care what is the design of the batteries that are hidden inside the device, but Xiaomi went a non-standard way — painted them in different colors. With help of color gradation, you can discern what batteries are old, and what are new.
RM 15.90 incl GST


Xiaomi Redmi 4 / Redmi 4 Prime case
RM 25.00 incl GST

Xiaomi Mi Piston Headphone Basic

Original Xiaomi Mi Piston Headphone Basic!
RM 29.00 incl GST

Hard Case + Tempered Glass for Xiaomi Redmi 3S / Redmi 3S Pro

Hard Case + Tempered Glass made for Xiaomi Redmi 3S / Redmi 3S Pro!!
RM 29.90 incl GST

Xiaomi Smartphones & Tablet Tempered Glass

9H, Explosion-Proof, Bubble Free, HD Anti-Glare, AGC Glass, Crystal Clear.
RM 30.00 incl GST

Xiaomi Mi In Ear Headphones. Official Xiaomi product

Xiaomi Mi In-Ear Earplug(color edition) headset with remote & MIC. Official xiaomi product!
RM 39.00 incl GST

Xiaomi Mi4 Original Smart Flip Case with sleep mode

Original Xiaomi MI4 Leather Smart Flip Protect Case. Official Xiaomi accessories,sealed box condition.
RM 49.00 incl GST

Xiaomi Mi Bluetooth Headset

Xiaomi Mi Bluetooth Headset! Official bluetooth by Xiaomi!
RM 59.00 incl GST