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Ninebot Gear

Xiaomi Sports Protector Set for Ninebot Mini Scooter
RM235.00 incl 0% GST

Xiaomi Mi Band 2 - Original by Xiaomi Malaysia!

ORIGINAL XIAOMI ECO SYSTEM, comes with a 12 months warranty by Xiaomi Malaysia
RM88.00 incl 0% GST

Xiaomi Mi Band 2 MiBand 2

Keep track of time and every step you take. OLED-display.Touchpad. New design. Updated pedometer algorithm
RM79.00 incl 0% GST

Xiaomi Mi Band 3 | MiBand 3 (GLOBAL VERSION) The Best Budget Fitness Tracker!

RM119.00 incl 0% GST

Xiaomi Mi4 Original Smart Flip Case with sleep mode

Original Xiaomi MI4 Leather Smart Flip Protect Case. Official Xiaomi accessories,sealed box condition.
RM46.00 incl 0% GST

Xiaomi Yi 4K Action Camera - Ready Stock!

Make each your day breathtaking with 4K video format. Xiaomi Yi used an energy efficient chip of new generation Ambarella A9SE75, a Sony IMX377 matrix and a 7-layer glass lens to provide you the ability to shoot video in 4K format at 30 fps and 60 mbps. Just imagine a fourfold 1080p quality — this is the 4K format, and now it’s available for you.
RM848.00 incl 0% GST

Xiaomi Yi 4K Action Camera 2 Bluetooth Selfie Stick Kit!

Available in rose gold and white color! Ready Stock for shipping
RM1131.00 incl 0% GST

Xiaomi Mi Subwoofer

Original Xiaomi Subwoofer Wireless Bluetooth / Wired Function with 6.5 inch Passive Radiator for Xiaomi TV!
RM659.00 incl 0% GST