How do I make a purchase?
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How do I make payment?
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How do I upload my payment proof?
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How long does it takes for my item to be delivered after payment is made?
All payment made before 4PM during working days, will be shipped out on the same day. For payment made after 4PM or during weekends / public holiday, item will be shipped out on the next working day. 

Estimated time of arrival (ETA) normally takes between 1 to 3 working days subject to courier company policy. You will receive an email with the tracking number for your to check out the delivery status with the respective courier company.

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What is AP / Import set? *(for reference / informations only)
AP set is an import set that is parallel import from other country. AP set is also an original set produced by original manufacturer, just that it is sold by authorized distributor of it's respective country. For example, Samsung Galaxy Note 5 sold by Samsung Singapore is considered an AP set once brought over to Malaysia. Please bear in mind DirectD only sell original set from official and authorised distributor.


What is the difference between AP / Import set and original set? *(for reference / informations only)
For most of the device, the difference between AP set and original set are very minimal. However it depends on the origin country of the device itself. The obvious difference is warranty where original set is covered by the authorized distributor, while the AP / Import set warranty is covered by the the importer itself.

The other difference might be in the software, where certain countries might have different firmware version and default applications installed in the phone. Some smartphone that is sold in certain market such as Middle East and China might not have Google PlayStore due to their countries regulations.

The accessories given also might differs such as AC plug socket type.

Please bear in mind DirectD only sell original set from official and authorised distributor.


Can I update firmware for my AP / Import set?*(for reference / informations only)
It depends. For most of the latest smartphone, their firmware released is regional based - means you will get the firmware over the air (OTA) once it's origin country release the firmware update for your phone. In this case, your import set might get a firmware update faster or later than the original set.

However there are certain smartphones from China and certain operator-branded smartphone from USA that is unable to receive OTA update from Malaysia.

We are strongly not recommend you to flash your firmware manually because it might damage your device.


May I know the details of warranty of both Original set and AP / Import Set? *(for reference / informations only)
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